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'HOTSHOT' New England Patriots fullback helps you prevent muscle cramps

Have you had an active Fourth of July. Hope you stayed hydrated. Maybe you need a little help in preventing those pesky muscle cramps. Super Bowl champ and New England Patriots fullback, James Develin and Harvard Dr. Bruce Bean talked to me recently about a major new breakthrough.

Check out HOTSHOT and

As the summer season heats up so is training for outdoor athletes ans enthusiasts. Football players, runners, swimmers, and other competitors are training outside and pushing themselves to reach peak performance levels. Training and competing when it's hot outside presents physical and mental challenges for athletes including fatigue, dehydration and muscle cramping.

Someone who knows first hand how grueling summer camp practices are on the body is NFL fullback James Develin, who played on the 2015 and 2016, New England championship teams. Develin is aware that even with proper hydration, stretching and rest between practice and games, it’s important to stay healthy by avoiding injuries and muscle cramps.

"I was introduced to Hotshot from out team nutritionist," said Develin. "I took it after a training camp practice, and felt it helped my body start the recovery process. It helps my body to recover as fast as possible."

Harvard Medical School neurobiology professor Bruce Bean. Dr. Bean is the co-inventor of HOTSHOT, the only scientifically proven solution to prevent and treat muscle cramps. Consumed before, during or after exercise, HOTSHOT facilitates the synchronization of communication between the nerves and muscles, so athletes can push harder, train longer and finish stronger.

For Develin, this is part of the way he goes about preparing to win championships.

"The whole championship process, the process of going through a championship season starts with the previous season ending. We've been working hard the past few months and trying to grind though here."

- Drinking HOTSHOT stimulates sensory neurons in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach.

- Stimulated neurons send impulses to the spinal cord.

- These impulses overpower and inhibit repetitive signals coming to and from the cramped muscle.

- This stops repetitive signals and prevents and/or treats the cramp.

HOTSHOT’s carefully calibrated, proprietary formulation was developed after five years of scientific research. Proven to work by researchers at Penn State University and in field studies, HOTSHOT has been shown to significantly reduce muscle-cramp intensity and duration compared to placebo. HOTSHOT has also been associated with lower post-cramp muscle soreness.

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