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TRANSACT Tech today at Georgia Tech

On Tuesday June 20, 2017 innovation, integration and the acceleration of payments will all be displayed at TRANSACT Tech ATL. TRANSACT Tech is a one-day event where leading-edge banking, retail and FinTech companies come together with innovative startups and venture capitalists to further business connections, build strategic relationships and secure new opportunities. Program topics include retail technology, investing in payments, the merchant perspectives on payments, cybersecurity of the future and the evolution of the processors.

In the past year, FinTech has proven to be more than a buzzword. FinTech, also known as financial technology, is an industry composed of companies that use new technology and innovation with available resources in order to compete in the marketplace of traditional financial institutions and intermediaries in the delivery of financial services.

TRANSACT Tech ATL is the best opportunity for industry titans to connect with innovative disruptors and to delve deep into the future of financial services.

The program includes speakers from leading payments innovators:

  • Patrick Bragg, Digital Payments Lead, Chick-fil-A

  • Mark Bunney, Strategic Partners, Ingenico Group

  • Peter Fitzpatrick, Sales Director, Agreement Express

  • Kim Goodman, CEO, Worldpay US

  • Ben Hawksworth, CIO, Global Business Solutions, First Data

  • Francis Limousy, Principal Advisor, UL Transaction Security

  • Joe Mach, President North America, Verifone

  • Tommy Marshall, Fintech Lead - North America, Accenture

  • Jason Oxman, CEO, ETA

  • Seth Pelletier, Senior Product Manager, Payment Solutions, Aaron’s, Inc.

  • Thomas Phillips, CIO, Elavon

  • Guido F. Sacchi, EVP & CIO, Global Payments

  • Jeff Sloan, ETA President & Chairman and CEO, Global Payments

  • Bill VanCuren, SVP & CIO, NCR Corporation

TRANSACT Tech ATL will bring merchants, tech companies, investment and VC firms and financial institutions together for a full day of FinTech education and networking. TRANSACT Tech ATL takes place on Tuesday June, 20 at the Georgia Tech Student Center (350 Ferst Drive NW, Atlanta, GA 30332). If you interested in learning more information or event registration visit the ETA event page.

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