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The 'sky' is not the limit with Skrite

The Skrite app is the world’s first sky-based augmented reality platform, Skrite gives its users the freedom to create sky based content that will be owned by them forever.Simply tilt your phone towards the sky and see the world change around you ! Now, with skrite you can express your emotions in the form of drawings,photos,selfies and messages directly to the sky which records it at the very place you would want it to be, giving you a choice to allow access to the world or leave it exclusive only to your selected friends.

"We wanted to bring AR to the people," explained company CEO and co-founder Rishab Jain. "Casual users shouldn't feel augmented reality is off-limits because it seems too complicated or inaccessible. With the right interface, it's simple to use and is a fantastic way to explore the space around you." Skrites—the pieces of content, users upload to the sky—can only be created in a user's current location. Skrites are created in zones, with a maximum of 25 Skrites allowed per zone . The first user to create a Skrite in a zone gets that zone named after them. Jain says, "This allows users to virtually own a piece of the sky, whether it be the airspace above their home, business, or any location that brings value to larger companies that can potentially use this space for advertising."

Skrite is more than just a "cute" drawing app. It's about exploration and learning.

"Skrite lets you travel without leaving your home through augmented reality teleportation," says Dr. Arshia Siddique, COO and co-founder of Skrite. "It allows you to experience the places you've always wanted to go from the perspective of other travelers, or even from locals who pass through it every day." Offering a new way to explore the world with accessible augmented reality, Skrite is a fun and innovative alternative to stale social networks like Facebook and Snapchat. It's the Pokemon Go-meets-social-network we didn't know we've been waiting for. To download the Skrite App, go to the Apple App store here.


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