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Father's Day Pick: Mighty Mug

Your morning drink whether it be coffee, juice or water is a great way to start the day off, unless of course you spill your drink. Featured in over 100 publications and television shows worldwide, Mighty Mug and it’s patented Smartgrip Technology are sure to help prevent spillage on the desk. Mighty Mug had a team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers develop a product to withstand against spilling.

A variety of mugs are available:

The SmartGrip Technology allows Mighty Mug to withstand accidental bumps by gripping down to any smooth, flat surface when knocked into. The Mighty Mug is simply place onto your desk or countertop and will create a powerful airlock to resist against being accidentally knocked into. It’s simple to release the airlock when you’re ready to move your Mighty Mug, all one needs to do is lift it up.

One of the Mighty Mug products I had the opportunity to try out was the Mighty Mug Biggie. The product is currently available on the Mighty Mug website for $19.99 and it includes features such as…

  • BPA Free

  • Car Cup Friendly

  • DishWasher Safe

  • 16 oz.

  • 100% Happiness Guranteed Policy

Whether you are looking for a vacuum insulated mug to keep your beverage warm on the go, an ice tumbler for the upcoming summer days or a travel mug, Mighty Mug has more options available no matter the occasion. Bundles are also available on certain products if you’d like to get some for friends and family, for more information visit the Mighty Mug website for details and pricing.

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