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Portable USB Fan: It's a breeze

It may have been a promo giveaway at a recent tradeshow, but this portable USB fan caught my attention for more than its looks, it does work.

While there is some battery drain on your mobile device, and the breeze generated isn't equivalent to your car's AC on MAX, this is a little cool breeze that can give momentary relief.


Compatible with all smartphones, Apple and Android Mini and light, easy to carry around Cooling wind, ultra silent blowing TPE environmental protection blade, no hurt to your hands when unexpected touch Powered by phone, tablet, and more Micro USB small fan, low power consumption Plug and play

Product Size: 4*9*1.5CM Powered by USB port Volt: 5V Power:1W Material: TPE Color: Various

If you ever have a chance to take one of these portable USB fans for a "spin." Do it!


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