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Zotto Mattress gives back relief

A mattress that will help strengthen and align your back, and gives a great night sleep is only found in the Zotto Mattress.

4 Layers

Zotto realized that a single or dual foam design couldn’t possibly offer the same comfort and support for an NFL lineman as it does for a petite ballerina.

While the Zotto Mattress is a great story, how Zotto came to be is really where the story starts.

At a backyard barbecue, Zotto co-founder Shawn Keep complained to a friend (who happened to be in the foam-making business) how he was waking up with back problems. His friend suggested he try a memory foam mattress and offered to make him one. Shawn took him up on the offer and they went to work experimenting with various formulas. They finally landed on a combination that found Shawn waking up without back pain, he loved it but there was just one problem – it slept hot. Really hot. We’re talking sauna hot! (Not surprising since memory foam mattresses had a reputation for sleeping hot.) So Shawn went back to the drawing board. Dozens of temperature regulating and phase-change materials were tested until they discovered a dual phase-change material that no only kept the mattress cool, it was actually capable of redistributing heat if the mattress became too cold. This was a technology not found anywhere on the market. Right away Shawn realized that a mattress that could address back-pain and temperature regulation would be widely popular. He contacted his best friend Pat about mass-producing the mattress. Pat agreed that this mattress formula would change the way people sleep, and more importantly, how they would feel after waking up.

So for almost three years now, Zotto has proven to be a cutting-edge convergence of sleep technology that delivers unparalled pressure point relief and temperature regulation, and extreme comfort!

What does the four-layer hybrid foam technology mean to you:

• ThermaPhase™ comfort layer: Combines two phase-change materials that react to temperature changes, redistributing absorbed heat all night to maintain optimal sleep temperature

• CoolFlow™ support layer: Provides pressure point relief and proper spine alignment; also helps to regulate temperature through CoolFlow™ slow-recovery memory foam technology, which improves airflow by up to 95%

• Transition layer: Enables additional support between top layers and base layer with Energex™ foam, which prevents sagging while providing a localized bounce to minimize movements as not to disturb a sleeping partner

• Base layer: Supports and strengthens the entire mattress with high-density foam

Zotto only uses materials are CertiPUR-US certified and latex free, ensuring the mattress is safe for the family and the environment

Choose sizing optionsthat run the gamut of twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California King – all 10 inches thick

This is also quite possibly the easiest to care for mattress on the market as it's covered in a removable, machine-washable cover that us made from a proprietary polyester/rayon blend

No more expensive delivery costs as the Zotto Mattress arrives right at your door via free shipping, alongwith a 100-night money-back guarantee and free and effortless return pickup.

Price points range from $550-$995. A small price to pay for exquisite comfort and a great night's sleep.


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