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Father's Day Pick: ShoeTips Golf

ShoeTips are the ideal golf product or gift to use to assist lowering your score and increase the enjoyment of the game. ShoeTips are interchangeable swing thought reminders you wear on your shoes or hang from your bag. It is meant to assist you during golf through promoting concentration, helping calm your mind and maintaining your focus.

ShoeTips is an American product development company dedicated to helping people achieve peak performance by creating mental focus reminder systems. ShoeTips Golf is the first product designed to help golfers master their mental game while they play. ShoeTips was founded in 2016, in Los Angeles, California, by three partners-Steve Lewis, their “hopelessly addicted golfer”. Who serves as their CEO & CFO, Arthur Snyder, Creative Director and Product Designer, and Ellen Rudolph, Marketing Director.

ShoeTips Golf was recently notified by the United States Golf Association (USGA), that ShoeTips is now “permitted under the Rules of Golf.” The two ways it can be used on one’s shoes or bag, to place them on the shoes slide the labels over the 2 base clips, then slide the clips over your shoelaces. There are 18 interchangeable, weatherproof, pre-printed labels with familiar words and phrases to attach. Another option as well is to write your own with an indelible marker on the back of the labels.

Golf’s legendary players, instructors, sports psychologists and writers all agree-you perform at your best when you have the fewest things to think about and you allow your intuitive mind to direct your body. The simple yet effective product is available through Amazon at price of $19.99.

Give Dad the gift of "better golf" this Father's Day with ShoeTips. Because ShoeTips can be customized and personalized, they are also a great idea for softball, soccer, basketball players and those that enjoy various other sports. Get your set of ShoeTips now!

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