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Wag! app arrives in Atlanta

Wag! – the app that provides users with reliable, on-demand dog services has finally arrived in Atlanta. Keeping dogs healthy and a happy is a top priority for not only dog owners, but also Wag!, Also, helping dog owners stay stress free even when in a pinch. Wag! is a great solution that satisfies both busy owners and playful pups, and the first walk is on Wag!.

The Wag! mobile app allows dog parents to order a bonded and insured walk with the push of a button. Walks can be scheduled regularly, or on demand in as little as 30-minutes. Users can watch the walk’s progress in real time through the app’s GPS and when the walk is completed, users receive a full report card detailing distance walked, bathroom breaks and a photo or video of their happy pooch

Wag! is excited to bring safety and a confidence to entrusting others to care for your dog to Atlanta.

Walks can last 20, 30, or 60 minutes, with an additional charge of $5 per dog in the same household. Walkers are available 24/7. “We are proud to expand our services to these pet loving cities across the country,” said Josh Viner, co-founder of Wag!. “Dog owners can now have peace of mind that their dog can be walked by a safe and trusted walker, even in a pinch. As many pet lovers are also busy with professional and social responsibilities, it only makes sense to provide them with services that can ease the stress of pet ownership with the touch of a button.” Viner was inspired to create Wag! after his own hesitancy to take on a pet, given his busy schedule as a tech entrepreneur in LA. Viner founded Wag! with the mission to make it easier to own and care for a dog. Wag! has also partnered with select shelters in Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco to donate walks to new pet parents. Most recently, Wag! has partnered with Homeward Pet Adoption outside of Seattle for a month-long collaboration. Wag! also donates a meal to a shelter dog for every dog walked, through Rescue Bank. Wag! is also always looking for new dog walkers. Looks like it's time to get walking.


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