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Finalists in GaTech Master Modeler Competition

TAG Data Science & Analytics society presented a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Beverly Wright to review the winning teams of the GaTech Master Modeler Competition (a hackathon hosted by the GaTech Business Analytic Center). The Master Modeler Competition had student teams use analytical methods to best answer the provided business questions as judged by a panel of professionals. The competition was open to all analytics-interested students across Georgia Tech, the event had received generous sponsorship from Navicure. Almost one hundred students registered for the competition, which then formed around 15 teams to compete in the first round eliminations.

Teams competed for prizes totaling $13,000 from Navicure, recognition on Georgia Tech’s website and free passes to the Southern Data Science conference where Dr. Beverly Wright is speaking. The finalists consisted of seven teams with Team Na’vi winning first place, with development solutions to help Navicure better understand the payments processing and business side of healthcare services. Navicure is a provider of cloud-based claims management and patient payment solutions that enable healthcare organizations of all sizes to increase revenue, accelerate cash flow and reduce the cost and effort of managing claims, patient billing and payments and healthcare data analytics. The solutions developed will assist Navicure better understand the payments processing and business side of healthcare services. Their insights and models provide the head of data science and other executives at Navicure different perspectives on how to leverage their day to improve patient experience as well as physician office efficiency.

Dr. Beverly Wright leads the Business Analytics Center at Scheller College of Business, and brings over twenty years of marketing research, analytics and insights experience from corporate, consulting and academia. Her panel reviewed winning teams from the competition beyond Team Na’vi such as Brew Crew (Runner-up), Cognosco, Team 73, Captain Crunchers and BuzzCure. The teams of finalists consisted mostly of graduate students, with mixes of background including Master of Science in Analytics, MBA with analytics concentration, PhD and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and a few other disciplines.

Team Na’vi and Brew Crew were alongside the panelists for a presentation which was given by both Dr. Beverly Wright and Andrew Groover, the Navicure Moderator. The teams reviewed their experiences through sets of presentations and Q&A’s provided through the panelists. The teams highlighted their experiences through both setting up their developments for the competition and personal insights into how they achieved their process and success. The combination of judges, student competitors, the event sponsors (including Navicure), Georgia Tech colleagues and a few other groups and people involved Master Modeler Competition possible.

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