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Yummi is your food app

Who doesn't love food?

Food is enjoyed by many whether it be a superb breakfast, great lunch or wonderful dinner. Even between those meals we will have some food to hold us over, being commonly referred to as snacks. Homemade, microwaved, or even plucked freshly off a tree, food is made and enjoyed differently. Eating is a necessity and experience alike, one way people commonly capture the moment is through photography.

Yummi is an online mobile application that enables its users to store food pictures and act as a food diary. An amazing meal is a cherished moment, a delicious thought that often slips our mind. Whether it's a hole in the wall in your hometown or incredible local cuisine on an amazing vacation a food experience should be shared. Yummi makes tracking, recalling and sharing good food with others simple and mouth-watering. It can be viewed as a blend of Instagram and Yelp with a layer of keeping a food journal on top of that. It is first and foremost a utility tool that enables users to more effectively track and recall food memories with just photos. You no longer have to copy/paste links or screenshot images to share across multiple messaging platforms and have them be lost in the chat history.

A unique aspect of this app is what it calls its posts as “foodprints.” Foodprints are regular images geotagged and catalogued to a cuisine when posted onto Yummi. Users create a chronicle history of their food adventures because Yummi takes metadata information from the captured photo to help you instantly create a foodprint with ease.

Unique Features Include…

  • Foodprints are tagged to a location and catalogued to cuisines, making them searchable and sortable.

  • Foodprints are arranged in chronological sequence with timestamp of when photos were taken, automatically creating a historical timeline of your food experience.

  • Recalling memorable experiences is easy by browsing an intuitive calendar display.

  • Retrieving past foodprints is simple with one tap Near Me to sort them nearest to your location.

  • As a personal diary first, Yummi wants you to be in control. You can set every foodprint’s visibility by keeping them private just for your eyes only or switch to public view anytime.

  • See a cool place and wanna try later? Bookmark and save them as favorites to recall later.

  • Not every pretty photo means it tastes good. Use fun expressive stickers to let others know how good or bad was the food.

Yummi can be made the home for all your food photos way to share delicious recommendations to friends and families alike. You can also selectively share foodprints to Facebook or Instagram without worrying about spamming your friend’s feed. Visit for more information. Yummi is available for download for both iOS and Android.


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