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Kit allows you to make your own fishing lures

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Do you feel that those fish laugh at the lures you buy at the big box store? Do the fish never seem to bite on the jigs you pick up at the local bait shop? Do the fish in your favorite fishing spot have a particular taste or is there an old family secret you want to put to use?

Take matters into your own hands with Composimold's New Soft Bait Lures Kit! Use the included "mix and match" parts to build your perfect shaped lure! Add your own custom colors, scents and accessories to make your lure irresistible! Make your ideal lure and smile in satisfaction when other fishermen start craning their necks to see what you're using to real them in!

Supplies Included:

  • 2oz. ImPRESSive Putty (You Press it over your objects to moldget it? And its re-usable for dozens of molds. Impressive, we know.)

  • 2 part fishing lure Soft Bait Rubber (non-PVC based). Enough rubber for up to 20 rubber lures

  • 9 interchangeable fishing lure pieces for over 50 unique lure shapes.

  • Gloves, stir sticks, mixing cups, and instructions.

Coming Early May!

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