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Quality eyewear from ic! berlin

Spring is underway and summer is just on the horizon, and with it means warmer weather and brighter days. Sunny days call for eyewear, and dependent on your day to day activities you should be looking towards the correct set of sunglasses. ic! berlin is presenting their first ever collection of rubber, a brand new range of sporty and bendy rubberized sunglasses that are up to the challenge of any activity of the wearer, in three brand new shapes.

ic! berlin designs and produces screwless Rx glasses and sunglasses in its own Produktion Haus in Berlin. 100% made in Germany, ic! berlin offers glasses, sunglasses and reading glasses for kids, women, men, and everyone in between. Each and every ic! berlin frame features a one-of-a-kind patented screwless hinge system, which combined with high quality materials, makes ic! berlin eyewear virtually indestructible. ic! berlin eyewear is designed with passion, produced with technical precision and handcrafted with love. ic! berlin frames are found in the best opticians’ shops worldwide, as well as in its flagship store at Max-Beer-Straße 17, Berlin.

The rubber frames were inspired by the flexibility needed of someone with an on-the-go lifestyle. Handmade in Berlin and treated with a polyurethane-based thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-U), rubber from ic! berlin strikes the perfect balance between high performance sports eyewear and high fashion sheet metal eyewear. TPE-U bends freely and easily with the frame, providing a bolder, more defined look without sacrificing ic! berlin’s famously flexible 0.5mm sheet metal. How? A perforated sheet metal core is injection-molded with hot liquefied TPE-U, which as it cools and sets, solidifies into a remarkably elastic rubber. The perforations allow the TPE-U to flow through and surround the frame, attaching and adhering to itself securely in place. No glues, no hooks, no chance for anything to break or fall off. ic! berlin’s rubber eyewear is scratch resistant, heat resistant and suitable for wearers with latex allergies.

The three new styles in rubber include, Kingpin, Pulse and Wipeout with each being available in four colorways - black, gray, dark green and marine blue. Also making their debut this season is a selection of styles in ic! berlin’s popular, existing materials: stainless steel sheet metal and acetate. The new metal sunglasses include Carla L., Jonathan I. and Klimek P. The metal Rx frames include Crossley, Jens K., Paul R. and Sandy G. In hybrid (a mix of metal and acetate) Rx frames is Gert H. and the hybrid sunglasses that are new to the roster are Maira B. and Sunny.

If you are looking towards getting a resilient pair of sunglasses with screwless frames and for one’s active lifestyle, look no further than ic! berlin. Depending on the style, the MSRP for ic! berlin is between $479-600 USD and its frames can be purchased at boutique optical shops around the world.


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