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Sling TV “First Look” program to subscribers using Apple TV

Sling TV expanded its Cloud DVR “First Look” program to Sling TV customers using Apple TV. Now, customers with a Sling TV-supported Apple TV may add Cloud DVR to their subscription at $5 per month for 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage.

Subscribers with Apple TVs can now join the many customers already enjoying Cloud DVR’s “First Look” on Roku, Amazon, and Android devices. We will continue to expand Cloud DVR support to additional devices in the coming weeks. Eligible customers may add Cloud DVR to their Sling TV subscription by signing in to their account on and selecting “Add Cloud DVR.”If you don’t own an Amazon, Android, Apple TV or Roku device, stay tuned – we’ll continue to expand Cloud DVR to even more devices in the future.Here are some features currently available through Cloud DVR “First Look”:

Watch anytime, anywhere– Record your favorite programs and watch whenever you want across all Amazon Fire TVs and Fire tablets, Android mobile devices, Android TVs, Apple TVs, Roku streaming players and Roku TVs. AirTV Player is not currently compatible with Cloud DVR.

Conflict-free recording– Record multiple programs simultaneously, and forget about recording conflicts. Keep recordings as long as you want– With Sling TV, your recordings won’t expire as long as you remain a Sling TV subscriber with Cloud DVR.

Auto-managed recordings– Sling TV will make room for new recordings by deleting your old recordings as you reach capacity, starting with your oldest ‘watched’ recording, so you can binge on your new favorite show.


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