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Sling launches new channels this week

Another big week for Sling TV subscribers or those looking for alternative to high priced cable.

Sling TV launched multiple new channels, giving customers more options and choice in customizing their TV experience:

SHOWTIME – Now available as a premium, SHOWTIME offers new and existing Sling TV customers eight channels for $10 per month, including nearly 2,000 on-demand titles. The launch of SHOWTIME on Sling TV marks the first time an OTT service has offered content from the four leading premium networks. For more information about SHOWTIME on Sling TV, please visit our news release and blog.

Heartland Extra – The latest in our robust lineup of Extras, “Heartland Extra” provides Sling Orange and Sling Blue customers with family-friendly sitcoms, timeless movies, outdoor entertainment and more. For $5 per month, Heartland Extra adds six new channels including Family Net, Outdoor Channel and more. For more information about Heartland Extra, please visit our blog. Best of Spanish TV Channels – We added three new Spanish-language channels to “Best of Spanish TV,” Estrella TV, Vme Kids and El Financiero|Bloomberg TV, giving bi-lingual and Spanish-dominant customers access to even more comedies, kids’ programming and financial news. Best of Spanish TV remains priced at $10 per month as a standalone service or $5 per month when paired with Sling Orange and / or Sling Blue. For more information about these new Spanish channels, please visit our news release and blog. “Sling TV is committed to delivering exceptional Spanish-language programming by continuing to offer new channels such as Estrella TV, Vme Kids and El Financiero|Bloomberg TV to our customers at an affordable price,” said Jose Romero, general manager of Latino marketing, Sling TV. “We are the only over-the-top service giving bi-lingual and Spanish-dominant customers the option to personalize their TV experience by choosing content based on preferred language, region or genre, starting at $10 per month.” Sling TV offers a suite of standalone and add-on Spanish-language programming packages and services tailored to English-dominant, bilingual and Spanish-dominant U.S. households. Sling TV also provides more than 300 channels in 22 languages across multiple devices to U.S. households. Sling TV, the first of its kind to offer a live and on-demand over-the-top TV offering, is a next-generation service that meets the entertainment needs of today’s contemporary viewers. Visit

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