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Practice makes perfect with SCI-CORE practice golf balls

As the snow melts and grass starts to turn that darker shade of green, it's time to start loosening up and get in golf mode.

That means taking those practice swings and actually hitting some balls.

Enter the SCI-CORE practice ball.

Safe indoors and outdoors, the newly released SCI-CORE practice golf ball is designed as an option for golfers who want a realistic feel and result wherever they have enough space to swing a club. On the practice range, inside the living room, or out in the backyard, the bright orange SCI-CORE practice golf ball is a great solution for practice anywhere you might find yourself. The SCI-CORE “real feel” practice golf ball is the heaviest practice ball on the market at 20.5 grams (0.72 ounces) – roughly half of a regulation golf ball. It is this extra weight that provides a “real feel” and allows for a maximum flight of 130 yards on full swings. Yet, with its condensed, patent-pending polymer foam construction, the SCI-CORE ball also floats on water for easy retrieval.

"It just takes one swing"

SCI-CORE helps players get back into golf mode with its durable non-marking glossy cover and traditional dimple pattern for accurate flight characteristics. It is designed for extensive use, retains its shape, and will not crack over time. The SCI-CORE ball is so soft it won’t break a glass window and the cover does not leave scuff marks. Developed by the creators of the Swing Coach Club training aid, the SCI-CORE “real feel” practice golf ball is available in a six-pack for $14.95 and comes with a lifetime warranty. For more information and to order a six-pack of SCI-CORE “real feel” practice golf balls, access the Swing Coach website at


Durable non marking glossy cover Condensed patent pending polymer foam construction Traditional dimple pattern for accurate flight characteristics Balls float for easy retrieval Extended use ball, won't crack over time and retains its shape after months of use Limited Distance Flight: 100 yards max, 40 Yards with Wedge Off Course Safe: won't hurt cars or siding Internal Pressure: real 'pop' off the club face

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