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Nikon School educates, entertains and informs in Atlanta

Lucky photography enthusiasts were treated to a weekend of instruction in Atlanta this month as Nikon School made it's way to Downtown Atlanta.

There were several offerings as part of the weekend of classes- I opted for a Sunday morning "Landscape and Travel Photography" class, as I'm always looking for ways to improve my photography skills as I travel throughout the country.

Reed Hoffman, who has been putting on these photo seminars for years and leading photography excursions to places like Iceland, Ecuador and Peru started the class with an overview about what he does and and what photographers can experience by learning a few basics. He covered lenses, he covered light, but it's the little stories only someone with experiences and varied travel adventures like Hoffman has gained over the years that matter most in a three hour class. "It depends," admits Hoffman is the answer to most questions in photography, but learning the basics is the best way to start and then feel free to experiment. Hoffman also stressed that a good picture could be great with a little editing. Atlanta photographer, Michael Schwarz, took over the second half of the morning session and he went back to the basics a bit, talking compositions and themes and diving into "Rule of Thirds," auto focus and even night photography.

Schwarz also gave out some valuable tip on picking the right equipment and then how to pack and take care of it while traveling. About 40 attendees were in the Landscape and Travel class with me. Each class ended with the opportunity to ask questions of the instructors and get one-on-one tips.

Class attendees were also given a link to download class notes that can be referred to on an "as needed basis."

In addition to these destination workshops, Nikon School Online allows users to develop their skills from the comfort of their own home. Nikon School Online will expand its curriculum with a new Fundamentals of Photography Featuring Reed Hoffmann class, allowing even more photographers to master the basic principles of photography through in-depth explanations and hands-on demonstrations in real-world scenarios. The class will cover a range of topics including ISO, shutter speed and aperture, low-light and fast action shooting, exposure compensation, autofocus and the basics of composition, that will help to unleash each participant’s creative potential and take their photography to the next level.

Check out when Nikon School may be coming to you town here.

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