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Sweet Sixteen teams already searching for hotel rooms in Phoenix

As the Sweet 16 gets underway, fans of each of the remaining teams are looking ahead a little and reserving rooms in Phoenix for the Final Four, says

Exactly how confident are fans of Sweet 16 teams? has compiled hotel room searches* for the championship weekend in Phoenix from all cities with Sweet 16 teams. Based on this data, UCLA fans have the highest hope for a winning score board.

Overall, fans from UCLA, Butler, University of Arizona, Xavier University and the University of Kentucky are searching the most for hotel rooms in Phoenix.

· UCLA - Los Angeles ranked number 1 with nearly 5 times the amount of searches from the next highest city

· Butler - Indianapolis ranked number 2 with nearly 2,000 searches for Phoenix hotels

· If the final four was chosen by travelers today, UCLA, Butler, University of Arizona and Xavier University would fill the final ballot spots

Below, you will find the full rankings of the 16 cities and teams in the Sweet 16.

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