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LaxPower app serves an entire sport

Now an iOS and Android app... LaxPower. The sport of Lacrosse continues to be one of the fastest growing sports. ACTIVE Network may be the premier global marketplace for activities and events, connecting participants and activity organizers, while offering actionable business intelligence through our industry-leading data solutions and insights platform that helps organizers drive increased participation and revenue. During the summer of 2007 the ACTIVE Network acquired LaxPower/SportsPower, a news and scoring website for Lacrosse enthusiasts in North America. LaxPower has access to content, scores and score rankings from more than 10,000 high school, college and professional Lacrosse teams with over 10.5 million annual site visits. Recently Active Network launched the LaxPower mobile app, an intuitive, on-the-go version of the website.

“With millions of Lacrosse fans visiting LaxPower each year, we engineered the LaxPower mobile app to meet the increased demand for more timely user-generated scores as well as on-the-go access to Lacrosse content, resources and discussions,” said Andrea Facini, chief product officer at ACTIVE Network. The new LaxPower mobile app delivers much of the content and functionality has, with access to game schedules, scoreboards, forum discussions and news. The app serves as an industry-recognized source of accurate results and scores for both high school and college teams, with users submitting scores and ACTIVE’S lacrosse staff verifying the data, to ensure validation. Users can then more quickly and efficiently submit their favorite team’s scores from anywhere and at any time, along with the ability to follow their team and opt in to receive notifications of final scores. Additionally the app enables users to receive match previews for high school, college and professional club games, displaying match scheduling and team ranking details for games occurring throughout the upcoming week.

This is a very complete app, one thing it may want to look at is ranking club and NAIA teams as this is where the sport continues to grow in popularity.

Andrea Facini additionally states, “At the same time, we are excited at the opportunity to help promote the sport of Lacrosse, as well as each team’s developments, rankings, rating and more as part of our continued investment in bringing technologies to market that can help make the world a more active place.” The LaxPower app is available for free download for a limited time through iTunes or the Google Play Market. An additional option is available to purchase a premium subscription for either $3.99 per month or $9.99 per year.



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