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Hit the golf course with Extreme 18

Even if you don't play golf in all the elements, you can listen to your music, podcasts and sports with the X18 Beacon wireless Bluetooth speaker from Extreme 18.

It's the latest product from Extreme 18 and it can even be personalized for you, to give as a gift or even for your upcoming event. (Make sure you spell your name correctly, because Extreme 18 will print what you send them)

In all seriousness, this is the perfect wireless speaker to take to the golf course.

Listening to tunes on the golf course has become more acceptable, so what not power up some of your favorite tunes and enjoy. (Within reason)

The X18 is designed to fit in the cup holder of a golf cart, or if you are walking will hang from your golf bag with ease. There is also a mic and a speakerphone for that ever-important phone call. Battery life checks in at just over 10 hours and I would grade sound quality as "excellent" with nice bass, good output and no distortion at up to about 80% volume.

The X18 comes in four bold colors that repel and dirt and dust, with the red being my favorite and very attractive.

Here are the specs as the X18 will...

HANG ON YOUR BAG, KEEP IN YOUR CART › Up to 15 hours of play time › Water resistant speaker with a shock proof silicone shell › Bluetooth audio with a 30 foot wireless range › Includes carabiner for easy attachment to any golf bag › Fits securely in to most golf cart cup holders › Built in microphone allows for hands-free talking

Order yours here for $99. A super price for the quality and sound this speaker delivers.

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