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Screen Time celebrates 'National Day of Unplugging'

March 3-4 is the National Day of Unplugging, from sundown to sundown – a great movement to unplug for 24 hours and reconnect with people and the world around you and one of my favorite apps, Screen Time helping spread the word and promote.

Screen Time can help with the National Day of Unplugging, but also applies to families as they move through everyday life When families download the app, which offers a free 14-day trial, Screen Time recommends starting with a family conversation about screen time, with the parent-child pact (attached). This gives kids insights into why offline discovery is important to their health and well being, while also giving young people a chance to have input. Everyone gets on the same page, and everyone agrees to be subject to the same tech etiquette and household rules.

Screen Time can help you make the most of the time your family is online or even "unplugged."

It also can:

-Help end family and device-related arguments.

-Families can use tech and various apps – including Screen Time – to further kids’ exploration and learning, either on their own or with friends and family.

-Screen Time’s app and site blogging can limit how kids spend their summer time online, allowing parents and kids to focus on apps the encourage discovery—both online and off.

-Set daily use limits

-Help encourage outdoor play which is good for health and fighting obesity.

Did you know: 1 in 2 children spend an hour or less outdoors every day—that’s less than prison inmates, who spend two hours outside daily.

For Back-to-School: Screen Time helps streamline the reinstatement of stricter schedules and bedtime hours, which helps lessen stress for both parents and kids, who find time management to be a source of anxiety. it can also help motivate your kids to earn extra online time by doing household tasks.

The American Psychological Association has found that 59 percent of teens feel that time management is a source of stress, which increases during the school year, while 44 percent of children ages 8–12 feel stressed about doing well in school. Screen Time is one of the fastest growing apps and it's for good reason. So whether you choose to unplug or not, Screen Time should be the newest member of your family.


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