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Showtime Glass, a glitter-infused tempered glass screen protector

The pace of one’s heartbeat picks up and the world around them goes silent as they reach for their phone awaiting to see whether or not the screen is fractured. Phone defense is an important element to account for for those that are adventurous, active or even clumsy. A company called MOXYO, a company that is dedicated to offering modern accessories at affordable prices. MOXYO curates cases, earbuds, cables, power products and screen protection that becomes an extension of each individual's lifestyle, while embracing current fashion trends. They made another modern accessory for consumer, through the fusion of fashion and protection to create Showtime Glass.

Showtime Glass is a glitter-infused tempered glass screen protector that inspires a greater sense of style and glamour without sacrificing defense. It adds a layer of elegance and distinction to an inactive iPhone retina display, as individual specks of glitter sparkle in any light condition. The glittery sheen of the Showtime Glass disappears during, to provide a clear, unobstructed experience. It is .33 mm thing and features a steel-grade hardness (9H) for slim, yet optimal protection. The Showtime Glass was thoughtfully designed with the iPhone in mind, with more than 100 million iPhones in use, to be tri-compatible with each size variant of the iPhone 6/Plus, 6s/Plus, and 7/Plus.

“What’s awesome about Showtime Glass is that our customers are getting a product that is reliable, yet uniquely eye-catching,” said Jared Dahl, MOXYO;S brand manager. “During use, Showtime is crystal clear, while adding an aesthetic that has an old Hollywood-stylized appeal when not in use. Of course, staying true to the MOXYO brand, Showtime is high-quality, easy to install and affordable.”

This durable tempered glass adds just he right amount of bling to your screen, while still maintaining crystal clear visibility. Showtime Glass can be purchased online at MOXYO for $19.99.

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