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ToughTested Pro-Comm is your personal headset with a 5 year warranty

Extensive stress and strain are faced by people both at work and outside of work, whether you’re off road on the job or on a hike. 10 hour work shifts, noisy trucks, unpaved roads, extreme conditions, are some of the demands ToughTested accounts for when making their products. Their products are built to meet the demands of professionals to work longer hours and withstand the extensive stress of rigorous use. Products are engineered so consumers can expect more robust features such as; longer and heavier cords, higher amperage, longer battery life, more durable materials, extreme temperature tolerant components, higher grade plastics and hardware. The ToughTested brand continues with their design for wear and tear, providing protection and security with their Pro-Comm Bluetooth Headset.

The Pro-Comm Bluetooth Headset is a heavy-duty neckband style Bluetooth headset with 10x noise canceling microphone. The water and dust resistant (IP54) super durable and flexible neckband and earbud cords feature an exterior jacket with a braided nylon interior wrap made with Dupont™ Kevlar® fiber. The earbuds attach magnetically to each other or the body of the unit, preventing wear and tear to the cords from coiling. The speaker mode of the headset allows for personal listening without inserting the ear tips. The ear tips have a noise reduction of 23 decibels, the EPA has rated it so it enables workers and drivers to safely protect hearing while also enjoying music or full fidelity of voice for calls. They also come with both Flexfoam memory foam and double-flange silicone tree tips in multiple sizes. Features Include:

Heavy-Duty rubberized design with comfortable, flexible neck band Bluetooth 4.1 for longer range and battery life 100 hours standby/10 hours talk time/Up to 20 hours music play time Noise reduction rating (NRR) of 23db Audio/voice streaming with multiple voice commands: Pairing/Headset on-off/Low battery/Headset out of range/Device paired Tom Buske, Director of Sales at ToughTested, states, “We consistently take feedback from our consumers to increase resiliency of our products, creating the most durable accessories available on the market at this time.” When a product is built tough for long-term durability, the manufacturer’s confidence is reflected in its warranty, ToughTested products offer one of the longest warranties in the business with five years. The ToughTested Pro-Comm Bluetooth Headset is available at a price of $79.99, the package includes the headset, USB charging cable, Flexfoam™ and tree tips. If you would like more information on the product or warranty feel free to visit the ToughTested website.

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