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Spider Holster helps bring out photographer's 'Spidey Sense'

Think of it as kind of a 'Bat Belt" for photographers, but one that makes use of your "Spidey Sense."

You no longer have to be a superhero to get great pictures as your camera will always be "at the ready" thanks to Spider Holster.

Spider Holster, in fact, has been outfitting photographers with innovative camera-carrying gear and accessories since 2009. What I've discovered using the SpiderLight with my Canon Rebel is that it is the best holster on the planet for mirrorless and lightweight cameras. No need for a fancy device or to rig some garage invention to your belt, just slip the SpiderLight on to your belt, attach the Spider plate to your camera, and shoot like a professional. This camera holster is lightweight, durable and extremely versatile. It makes shooting that hard to get image a breeze. When traveling or going to events, many people don’t want to bring their heavy duty camera with them and are look forward to using something more lightweight and versatile. SpiderLight’s camera holster slips onto any belt any belt and you are ready to shoot no matter the environment: navigating the trails around the Grand Canyon, braving the harshest conditions on the planet on mountains, the Caribbean or even just getting those memorable images of your kids. Additionally, SpiderLight is available in a Backpacker Kit giving users the ability to holster the camera on any backpack or messenger bag strap. GoPro™ users rejoice as the Backpacker kit is compatible GoPro™ accessories and cameras, making capturing point-of-view footage on your next trip easier than ever. For more seasoned shooters with heavier equipment, Spider Holster’s original product, the SpiderPro, is a camera holster designed for professional photographers with heavy DSLRs. It allows photographers to carry their heavy camera on their hip instead of their upper body which can help relieve neck, back and shoulder pain associated with carrying equipment. Some specs:

SpiderLight Camera Holster ($95)

Durable, lightweight and versatile holster designed for convenient shooting with mirrorless cameras and small DSLRs Simply slip it on any belt and attach the Spider Plate to camera for easy, convenient shooting Adjustable for multiple styles of camera bodies and grip configurations Compatible with any tripod plate Features all-metal construction and ergonomic design, ensuring durability in active shooting environments

SpiderLight Camera System ($125-$220)

Includes SpiderLight Camera Holster and the slim and ergonomic SpiderLight Belt Allows photographers to attach all Spider lens pouches and belt-mounted accessories with ease in any shooting environment Available in a single camera system or dual camera system SpiderLight Backpacker Kit ($125) SpiderLight Camera Holster included in this kit can be worn on a belt, backpack or messenger bag strap Quick snap-in connection securely fastens the SpiderLight Backpacker to your bag’s strap Allows full compatibility with GoPro™ accessories and cameras, giving users the ability capturing point-of-view footage with ease Available at: Price: $95-$220 Spider Holster: SpiderPro

Original breakthrough camera holster designed for professional photographers in a myriad of use cases Allows photographers to carry their camera on their hip instead of their upper body, relieving neck, back and shoulder pain associated with carrying equipment Quick release system allows users to remove camera from locked position for the best photos at a moment’s notice Patented ball-joint system allows for fluid movement in any shooting environment Lens is positioned to point backward allowing users to squat freely without the worry of damaging your lens Holster positions flash to run parallel with user’s leg, keeping it safe and out of the way Constructed of stainless steel and hardened aluminum cast ensuring durability during all active situations Available in a single camera system or dual camera system Includes SpiderPro Plate, SpiderPro Pin and SpiderPro Belt Available at: Price: $135 single version; $235 double version


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