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IoT For Dummies Vol. 1 and 2

From the book's introduction:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new world — a quantifiable and measurable world — in which people can better manage their lives and companies can better manage their businesses. This new “smart,” connected world will offer fundamental changes both to society and to consumers and will profoundly transform entire businesses and industries. The rise of the IoT will create many practical and significant improvements in our world and our daily lives by helping us make better decisions faster with timely, higher‐quality information.

How many people really understand IoT?

So from this, comes two new "Dummies" books explaining everything regarding the Internet of Things.

Qorvo has teamed up with publisher John Wiley and Sons, Inc. to create “The Internet of Things For Dummies®”, a short and easy to understand book that provides the basics of what consumers and hobbyists need to know about the IoT and smart home technologies, in the typical fun and entertaining “For Dummies” style.

Vol. 2 is out and it delves into how users can use applications to make the world of IoT much more simple and user-friendly.

Right now, pdf downloads of the books are available here;

These two books explain how the IoT will shape the world around us and help us make better decisions faster. In Volume 1, you will learn about the strategies for accelerating the IoT, the technologies that drive it, the intelligence that enables it and the devices that populate the IoT. Volume 2 explains the success of IoT applications and points out exciting use cases of the future.

Qorvo is a leading US based semiconductor company, provider of innovative RF solutions. How are these two companies now working together to make the IoT and smart home a reality for consumers and end users


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