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The Spokeslistener: DISH listens to its customers

DISH is launching a marketing campaign since they are "in an industry that has forsaken its ability to listen."

DISH is poised to once again change an industry as they have unveiled their “Tuned In To You” brand promise, a company-wide initiative focused on confronting low pay-TV customer satisfaction by listening in an industry that has not.

DISH is doubling down on a company-wide commitment to listen, in an industry that does not. This sentiment is capred in DISH’s newly launched “Tuned In To You” promise and accompanying “SpokeslistenerTM” campaign. “Customers just want to be heard in an industry that has forsaken its ability to listen,” said Erik Carlson, DISH president and chief operating officer. “‘Tuned In To You’ is more than a marketing slogan. It’s a company-wide rallying cry and a long-term business philosophy. DISH has a history of putting our customers first and taking bold steps to make TV better. We are at our best when we listen to and fight for what our customers want.”

DISH was the first pay-TV provider to offer a DVR, and more recently with an abundance of advancements like AutoHop, conflict-free TV with Hopper 3, Netflix on Hopper DVRs, DISH Anywhere, HopperGO, as well as the My Tech tool’s reliable 75-minute arrival windows. Further, the company has consistently fought for lower prices and customizable programming options, including its 2-Year Price Guarantee, Flex PackTM skinny bundle and live over-the-top service, Sling TV.

DISH is examining every customer touchpoint, across all departments, to evolve the delivery of customer service throughout its nationwide workforce. These efforts are exemplified by the October launch of “Base Camp,” an immersive training program that taps into the deep understanding that frontline employees have of DISH’s customer base. Through Base Camp, corporate employees work in the field for one month to gain practical experience supporting new and existing customers. Participants field customer calls from billing inquiries to tech troubleshooting to sales inquiries from prospective customers. They spend full business days accompanying DISH’s professional technicians to observe the in-home services completed daily. “The notion that management should roll back its sleeves and work with its customer base is almost unheard of in corporate America,” said Carlson. “But we can’t possibly fulfill on our ‘Tuned In To You’ promise without a working knowledge of our customers and the interactions they have with our brand.” DISH expects to graduate 700 employees – including senior leaders – from Base Camp by year end. All interns and full-time new hires at DISH’s headquarters complete Base Camp within the first two months of their employment, while a plan is in place for all existing corporate team members to enroll in the training. “Base Camp was one of the most eye-opening and educational experiences I’ve had during my tenure at DISH,” said Warren Schlichting, DISH executive vice president of media sales, marketing and programming. “One by one, Base Camp is instilling into the members of our headquarters team a ‘Tuned In To You’ mentality and a sense of urgency to improve our customer experience." On another note, one immediate change consumers will see is DISH prominently featuring feedback forms across every webpage. While the company has always sought feedback, it’s now proactively asking TV lovers to share the ideas they see as capable of improving the customer experience. These real-time insights are distributed to designated leaders throughout the DISH business for review and potential implementation.

DISH’s first two Spokeslistener spots are rolling out on local network affiliates (ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox) today in more than 150 markets nationwide. Watch the spots here and here. The company will introduce additional ads in the coming months.


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