MedZone helps athletes manage pain and discomfort

The goal of working out and exercising is to make one feel better and healthier, but problems can arise. Aches, bruises, discomforts and various unexpected pain can pop up and put a halt to your productivity and self improvement. Enter MedZone and an assortment of products that based on requests from medical professionals, athletes and in 2002, U.S. Military Special Forces. MedZone products are in fact, the products athletic trainers use in daily treatments of athletes.

The mission of MedZone is to make "EveryBody Feel Better." That may sound cliche', but MedZone works to prevent, treat and manage aches, pains, discomforts, wounds and skin-chafing issues for individuals that participate in sports, spend their days in industrial settings or enjoy recreational activities. MedZone products are OTC topical products manufactured in a FDA-registered facility in compliance with FDA regulations, designed to be long lasting, transdermal and focused on delivering relief to individuals from all walks of life in addition to athletes. They were initially developed by a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer who is also a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 40 years’ experience working with high school, collegiate, professional and Olympic-level athletes. MedZone® products are made in the USA and used on a daily basis by medical professionals, active individuals and athletes in a variety of sports and for a wide variety of conditions.

What can MedZone do for you?

For golfers, MedZone products help prevent thigh chafing from walking the course, hand blisters from a tight golf grip and sore muscles from consistent practice. The company announces this month its new MedZone Activity PAK (Personnel Activity Kit), which combines MedZone’s family of products into one convenient place. The PAK includes ChafeZone, BlisterZone, PainZone and BurnZone.

If you are outdoors or an active person at all, MedZone can help.

While ChafeZone®, BurnZone® and PainZone®and BlisterZone are stand-alone products, you can also get a combo Activity PAK that includes one of each. A PAK would be ideal for a family on vacation or to have available for Little League games, tennis tournaments or biking and hiking adventures.

Check out the MedZone Activity PAK here and keep pain at bay.