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Aumeo Audio proves 'it's not all about that bass'

Unlike the song, the truth is... some people need more bass, others need more treble.

Because like our other sensory organs, no two ears hear the same

Aumeo Audio takes the one-size-fits-all approach: assuming everybody has the supposed standard flat hearing.

It is simply too difficult to tailor sound to each ear's unique sensitivity... that was until now. Aumeo Audio is transforming the way we hear the world by customizing sound to each and every ear. As the world’s pioneer in tailored audio and with its award-winning, patented and verified technologies, Aumeo works with audio products and services of all sizes to ensure the fullest listening experience possible.

Aumeo happens to be part of ACE Communications, which has been working on audio profile- based technologies since 2010. Their latest product makes the enjoyable pastime of listening to music even more enjoyable.

Aumeo has put a lot of thought into this device as it has Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX for a wireless connection from any playback device, although you will still need to connect to your headphones by a cabled connection. It also has wired input so you can connect from your home audio system as well or wired headphones if that is your pleasure. This little audio connection device will fit in your pocket, but it delivers a room-full of options.

The audio device customizes sound to your own ears' sensitivity so you receive all the sound you want— with no hearing damage. If there is such as thing as "ear fatigue," Aumeo helps eliminate it.

The Aumeo Audio comes in an attractive package and choose from three beautiful colors. Download the companion app AumeoHub (iOS and Android). Connect your Aumeo device to the phone via Bluetooth. Plug wired headphones into Aumeo's output jack. Let the app measure your ears and offer the ideal setup for your ears. It will be good for about six hours of playback and charges back up quickly, so you can get back to that bass or that treble.

What you get:

  • Aumeo headphones personalizer, micro-USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable, drawstring pouch.

Currently shipping to these regions only: United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong. Order yours here:

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