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Cliff Drysdale Tennis is getting 'Tennis Smart'

Quality tennis instruction starts with the instructor, this is something Cliff Drysdale Management has known since its inception in 2001, but now a program is in place that will be a win/win for all involved.

Cliff Drysdale Management and Tennis Smart have formed a strategic alliance to create a Tennis Professional Development Program for aspiring tennis pros from the UK that are attending college in the US. The 12 to 18 month traineeship will provide the hands on and education training and development required for a career in club and tennis management.

The program will promote not only education and physical fitness, but use the latest technology to grow and promote the sport of tennis.

Tennis Smart is a developmental pathway for UK tennis players aimed at maintaining education while progressing as young athletes. With player welfare at the heart of everything it does, Tennis Smart clubs encourage juniors to continue their studies, to helping older players find tennis placements in some of America's top colleges, to helping college players transition into careers in the tennis industry or the professional game.

Former top British player and WTA pro, Sarah Borwell, is taking the lead in the partnership with Cliff Drysdale Management.

“I am thrilled to link Tennis Smart with Cliff Drysdale Management. This is a great opportunity for British juniors who want to embark on a career in the tennis industry. At Tennis Smart we are always looking for ways to help our players complete every difficult transition and for those who are passionate about their tennis careers there is no better place to begin. CDM is the premier Tennis Professional Development Program and one of the best pathways into tennis management,' explains Borwell.

For Cliff Drysdale managed facilities, this is about education and hopefully getting trained pros in the pipeline that will benefit their cubs, resorts and the sport as a whole.

The Path

Self-motivated, outgoing, and enthusiastic trainees will first embark on a 4-6 week introduction held at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation located in Amelia City, Florida. Instructed by CDM’s Vice Presidents of Operations, Scott Colebourne and Scott McCulloch, trainees will learn about the fundamentals of club management- on and off the court, building a foundation and skill set to prepare them for a successful role as Tennis Director in the United States or abroad. Trainees will then be assigned to a home club and director mentor for the remainder of the program, and will gain invaluable experience coaching, developing managerial and marketing skills, and continuing education via online coursework. “We are very excited to partner with Tennis Smart as they provide the critical first steps in educating UK tennis players about the options both home based and abroad in America and this partnership allows us to provide those athletes opportunities to further that education with practical application and a career in tennis club management," states McCulloch, VP of Operations for Cliff Drysdale Management.

Tennis Smart has taken the lead in embracing the use of technology in it's program with individual assessments, video production and various media placements.

Just as sports are competitive on the field of play, it's a competitive world when vying for family's recreational dollars and Cliff Drysdale facilities give the most bang for their buck. Not only will you work hard on your tennis game, you will have the time of your life while working alongside the professionals at these fine tennis clubs and resorts.

Cliff Drysdale Management is also diving head first into promoting high end events like retreats and pro am experiences, so the foundation their new pros receive is vital to giving not only instruction on the court, but giving the true tennis experience to tennis players and fans off the court. This looks to be a winning partnership with Tennis Smart.


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