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Don't be 'Bluetooth Ear Piece Guy' use Pinn

While once thought of as cool and making a fashion and tech statement, nobody wants to be "Bluetooth Ear Piece Guy" anymore. Heck even the Urban Dictionary gets in on the act. Thanks to Pinn, there is a device that gives you the functionality of a Bluetooth ear piece, without looking like the self-important, "trying to hard to impress guy" that stands out like an NBA center in a jockey's locker room.

The Pinn is more than an uncomfortable ear piece, it's a clip that goes with you and is technically an extension of your smartphone.

Founded in 2015 by IP specialist and serial entrepreneur, Pinn, Inc. strives to design and develop a new generation of wearable technologies that address the shortcomings and pain points of existing solutions. Its first product, Pinn, is a Bluetooth-enabled, go-anywhere wearable clip that keeps you connected to your smartphone. With a built-in microphone/wireless earbuds and a convenient LED display, Pinn creates a world in which you never need to fumble through your purse or backpack for your phone.

Your Pinn makes it fast and easy to know who’s calling you. You can also read and respond to texts using voice commands, listen to music, or even use it as a selfie remote. Pinn’s alerts and notifications are customizable using the free companion app.

Yes, just charge it up, download the iOS or Android app and you are ready to go. You can listen to your music, talk through the speakerphone, use it as a trigger to take a selfie and Pinn will even alert you when you misplace or leave your phone behind.

Is Pinn available?

It's set for a Kickstarter launch in February 2017 with an early-bird price of $119.

It is estimated to ship in May as I've been using a working model for the last week or so.

What you get: Pinn (Clip, Earbud), 3 Different size ear sized ear tips and USB connector.

It doesn't get much easier than Pinn and you don't have to be that "Bluetooth Ear Piece Guy" while out and about.

Clip, use and see more at

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