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David Feherty headcover talks at PGA Show

Daphne’s Headcovers collection of 200-plus innovative headcovers depicts wildlife, sea life, barnyard animals, cats and dogs, and birds. The “just for fun” category features the popular Pirate and new designs like the Ninja and the Gnome. Hybrid/utility clubs have their own line of smaller-sized headcovers. Daphne’s also makes custom-designed headcovers for individuals, organizations and events. Daphne’s unique designs are found on the bags of more than 200 professional Tour players including Danny Willett( Pug), Ernie Els (Lion) and Lydia Ko (Monkey Made of Sockies).

The David Feherty is Daphne’s first talking headcover. Custom-made exclusively for Feherty with his likeness and already an advance sellout, the headcover is a show-stopper. Feherty’s voice has been recorded with some (not surprisingly) “cheeky comments,” according to Daphne’s CEO Jane Spicer.

Spicer says, “Daphne’s enjoyed a great 2016. We are pleased to offer some amazing Show specials, thanking loyal customers for 38 years in business.”

The Feherty cover is for sale here:

Here is a rough sampling of what it says:


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