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Bandlab Technologies grows

BandLab is a social media platform that enables creators to make music and share the creative process with musicians and fans. BandLab combines music making and collaboration tools like the world’s first cross-platform DAW, with social features like video sharing, messaging and discovery. BandLab’s mission is to break down the technical, geographic and creative barriers between creators, collaborators and community by providing a completely free and unlimited service. As of Thursday the 19th of January Bandlab Technologies announced the acquisition of AudioStretch and has released a new version of the Transcription Power app.

Audiostretch is a premium music transcription power tool that allows users to change the speed of audio without changing the pitch. The first version of the AudioStretch app was developed in Singapore in 2014 and deployed in August 2015. AudioStretch has been headquartered in the BandLab Technologies’ Singapore HQ since 2016. Meng Ru Kuok, BandLab’s CEO/Co-Founder states, “As a developing musician, one of the most helpful tools you can have is the ability to slow down, loop or auto-transpose the notes for a piece of music you are trying to learn. With AudioStretch you can now not only manipulate pitch and speed, but also enjoy the same functionality from video files- or even with videos captured directly from your phone’s camera within the app.” The acquisition is followed by BandLab’s release of a new version of the app and is also the world’s first app which features an enhanced interface and new video stretch capabilities.

Mr. Kuok added, “On the BandLab side, we now have nearly a million users in 195 countries, creating, collaborating and sharing hundred of thousands of songs a month. We are very pleased to be able to empower our users with a new tool like Audiostretch for transcription, learning and close listening, so they can make their best music. Watch out in 2017 for a schools-focused version of BandLab so we can do even more to support the development of new musicians. We believe there should be universal access to the tools needed to learn and our goal is to bring more dedicated features for educators around the world using BandLab to better what they do.”

“I am so pleased to be joining the BandLab Technologies family, it makes perfect sense for AudioStretch,” said Gerry Beauregarde, Founder/Developer of AudioStretch. “This is a very natural connection, due to our shared mission to empower musicians to develop their skills and do their best work. To date, we’ve seen our users embrace the possibilities of AudioStretch- using it for transcription, learning songs by ear, crazy sonic experimentation or just listening to their music library in a new way. Now with the new ability to stretch video along with audio, AudioStretch users can check difficult fingering for a new solo or learn new dance moves. Joining forces with BandLab allows AudioStretch to continue to innovate and take our technology to the next level.”

The app allows users to listen as they drag a waveform on screen, slow down music to as slow as zero speed, listen note by note to any song, transpose music and create loops. The features make AudioStretch perfect for music learners, experts looking to deep dive on a new track or passion project, or teachers wanting to embrace technology to help their students do close learning in class or at home. It is a complement to the company’s existing app, BandLab, the social music-making platform for musicians to create, collaborate and share music together. Features include:

Change the speed of video and audio files without changing the pitch Listen to the individual notes as you drag the waveform with LiveScrubTM Play audio and video at zero speed Transpose any music (+/- 36 semitones) Loop difficult to learn sections Import any track into AudioStretch Export modified tracks via email or the cloud (Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive) “We are constantly seeking to create great tools that help people make music, improve as musicians and develop their passion. Since its inception, AudioStretch was a fantastic core product. Now with the addition of video to the tool, it adds an entirely new dimension to the ease-of-use and functionality for our users. In addition to this, we are also giving free access to music educators and their students in schools and music rooms across the world. Music teachers simply need to register their interest at Teachers can apply for up to 40 free AudioStretch Pro accesses - or download as many copies of AudioStretch Lite as they like, if their classes don’t need the full functionality of the Pro app. With either product, our team will run tailored webinars to make sure that schools are getting the most out of this fantastic tool,” said Mr Kuok.

The new AudioStretch app is currently available for iOS users at the price of $9.99. A free version, AudioStretch LITE, is also available with limited functionality. Free access to the app for music educators and students across the world is available as part of BandLab Technologies’ commitment to support the next generation of musicians.

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