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Gemio Band is first 'social wearable'

Gemio is a smart friendship bracelet that encourages users to socialize with friends in-person.

Think of a wearable band that not only gives you fitness and other bits of data, but also light effects and animations to help users communicate. The bracelets change their behavior based on friends that are within proximity and what they’re doing (gesture recognition) or even what they’re wearing (color sensing). This is a fully customizable bracelet that is different from any other wearable you have tried.


The developers of Gemio aim to make this "your" wearable as you can make it do what you want.

Imagine getting an alert when your favorite football team scores a touchdown! Have it light up when other Gemio friends are near. Change the lighting displays to match your mood.

About the Gemio Band

⦁ The Gemio Band is the first wearable technology that allows users to completely change the look of the band from swappable Tile Sets to Light Effects ⦁ The Gemio Band allows wearers to express their personal style and immerse themselves in their favorite music, interests and events through an innovative LED panel ⦁ The band uses an innovative display of LED lights with millions of colors and patterns that are responsive to movement, music and proximity to others ⦁ The Gemio Band lights up and beats to the pulse of music, can be set to fit the mood of the room or even set to sync with your outfit ⦁ The Gemio Band charges wirelessly via magnetic docking which lets the band hover while charging. The Gemio Band has dual batteries that will keep it going all night ⦁ The Gemio Band lets you express yourself through Tile Sets and Light Effects ⦁ Gemio drops new Tile Sets monthly to keep your band fresh ⦁ The Gemio Band gives users the ability to capture profiles from people they encounter at concerts, work engagements and all types of events

Gemio Band Features

⦁ Light Tiles – patented span-one, swappable tiles let users change designs in an instant ⦁ Light Array – the Gemio band uses an array of RBG LEDs to illuminate the Light Tiles and generate Light Effects using a palette of millions of colors ⦁ Sound, Motion, Light – the Gemio band uses sensors to drive the behavior of the band to generate Light Effects that respond to the user’s environment. The microphone lets the band pulse light to the beat of the music. The motion sensor turns off the lights when it’s not in use and amps them up when the user’s active. ⦁ Bluetooth and proximity sensing – the band uses the latest Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to the user phone ⦁ MyGemio App – the MyGemio App (iOS or Android) lets users control the behavior of the band from picking colors and their intensity to light effects

Gemio launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in summer 2016 that exceeded the fundraising goal by over 400%. Over 3,000 people will become the proud owners of Gemio Bands when the first shipment goes out in January 2017.

Can't wait to get mine.

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