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Koogeek Smart Plug goes to the head of the class

Add smart HomeKit functionality and ease of use to ‘any’ device you own with a Koogeek.

We all hate the smartest kid in the class, but we love smart devices that make our lives easier. Introducing the Koogeek Smart Plug.

Create personalized scenes and control multiple devices with a schedule, a tap or simply a single Siri voice command that activates a particular pre-set "scene". For example, "Hey Siri, I am going to bed" might turn on your bedroom humidifier and turn off your nightstand lamp.

The plug adaptor itself is easy to set up and use, and an instruction sheet to tell you what to do. Physically installing the adaptor is easy; just plug it into the wall socket and then plug the home gadget of your choice into it. The Koogeek can power accessories up to 2KW which means things like fans, lights, coffee machines and kettle-like devices.

You will then control with the Koogeek app. Perfect for travelers or those looking to automate parts of their home. The smart plug is a accessory that you don't have to worry about. Just plug into your outlet and use as you wish.

What it does:

  • Works with apple home kit with the Koogeek home app, you can control connected lamp

  • Siri voice commands the smart plug responds to Siri, letting you control your home directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

  • Set schedules and timers set custom schedules and timers for a device or a scene

  • Monitor energy consumption/electricity cost energy reporting helps you see how much power, on average, your electronics are using

  • Create "scenes" control multiple products with a single Siri voice command that activates a particular pre-set "scene"

This is your chance to be the "smartest kid in the class," thanks to Koogeek.

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