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You won't lose your mind with MYNT

Slightech is a company that a consists of a group of inventors that enjoy working on smart wearables and connected home devices. They strive to engineer seamless system of hardware, software, and cloud services. The company has introduced a product that assists users to keep track of and find items such as bags, camera, phones and so forth. The product is called the MYNT, a reddot award 2016 winner.

The MYNT is an item that is attached items you may hold immense value over and works alongside an app to keep track of it. The MYNT has an elegant and modern design with an easy to fit in a wallet, attach to a keychain, dog collar or affix it to a laptop or a TV remote. It’s back is designed to be flat and meant to easily attach, stick or hook to all of your valuable items with a key ring hole. The dimensions of the product have it with an ⅛ inch thickness, 2 inch length and 1 inch width. The MYNT is processed with PVD technology on stainless steel and comes in four different colors; silver, black, gold and blue.

The options range between receiving a separation phone alert, separation location, or even a distance indicator. The GPS functionality aspect of the device is part of the bi-directional anti-loss device to assure you don’t lose your phone either. You just need to long press the button on the MYNT and your phone will ring to help with locating it. The MYNT also can act as a remote shutter allowing the user to take selfie or group photos with their phone from any angle. It also functions as a music remote for music being played off your phone with the click of a button. It can also function as a slide remote, if you have a Mac it is able to work alongside the app and click through different slides of a presentation.

The MYNT currently supports iOS, Android, and Mac OS X platforms along with the smooth software application it provides a great user experience. If you are looking for the item it is attached to (wallet, keychain, etc.) you just need to access the app and click on the item icon so it beeps to signal where it may be. The MYNT app can even work to search for your car as it automatically records the location parked when the device has been left with the car. It then provides and easy-to-use map and walking directions to accurately lead you to your car.

Specifications include…

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 035 (cm)

  • Battery Life: Up to 12 months

  • Battery: CR2020 Coin battery, Withdrawable

  • Waterproof: IP43

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth LE)

  • Range: 50m; Dependant on conditions and surroundings

MYNT can become your everyday smart companion for anti-loss and finder capabilities along with a few other utilities through the app working alongside your devices. The package includes the MYNT, one extra CR2020 battery, easy-attach string and two adhesive pads. The MYNT is currently available at $19.99 through the Slightech website for purchase.

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