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Udee Backpack does it all

This is currently a product in the final stages of what looks to be a successful Kickstarter campaign, so order yours at a deep discount now.

I've tried numerous backpacks over the years, so better than others, so with a great feature or two, some with strengths and weaknesses.

But until I tried the new Udee Backpack, did a see a backpack that listed out 19 features that the company wants you to try. Yes, 19 features, perfect for everyday and all day adventures. The versatile and humanized designs make it especially suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and those who work remotely. The designers and engineers of Udee integrated so many functions that the users may use some of them everyday and some of them on the off day. One example, Udee can help charge the electronic devices in it. When you are using Udee, you can enjoy the music in your smartphone without taking your earphone out of your backpack. Besides, Udee is an anti-thief backpack and is a movable cooler. Yes a cooler.

Specifically, there is a handy USB port for charging your electronic devices, and an earphone pocket that allows you to keep your earphones in your backpack while listening to music.

Here are the 19 listed features:

1. Charging port 2. Earphone port 3. Weight reduce 4. Anti-theft 5. Safety LED light 6. Portable cooler 7. Photography bag 8. Water proof 9. Phone pocket 10. Power bank pocket 11. Notebook pocket 12. Pen pocket 13. Passport/cards holder 14. Carabiner 15. Safty reflective stripe 16. Security pocket 17. Luggage belt 18. Large volume, 25L capacity 19. Expandable volume Udee has really changed everything when it comes to a safe and secure backpack with its 360 protection system. There are special pockets and inserts that can protect not only your cameras and lenses, but any fragile items, without fear of damage. It is not a pure photographer's bag, it is everyday using bag equipped with well designed protective panels. The possibilities are endless with this modern-looking and high tech backpack that can be had during the Kickstarter for $109 and $119.

It's also a durable backpack that fits tight and secure on your back. I would recommend for kids, but those over the age of 14 as well as any adults that want to get the maximum out of a quality backpack.

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