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Memo Box helps organize your medications, life

Life occasionally becomes a bit more hectic than we anticipate, and with that among our daily tasks and lives we may forget a thing or two along the way. If you’re juggling school, work, family, friends, sports, or hobbies and regardless of age remembering to take medication and pills can become a challenge. Medication non-adherence occurs when meds are not taken as recommended, according to the American College of Preventive Medicine 125,000 deaths are estimated to annually be caused from nonadherence to medication. Whether it be under- or overuse of prescribed medications it can lead to poor therapeutic outcomes, progression of disease and an estimated burden of billions per year in avoidable direct healthcare costs. A company called TinyLogics is addressing the issue through the introduction of the world’s smallest smart pillbox and app called Memo Box Mini.

The Memo Box Mini comes in a convenient size for storage as it can easily be stored in a purse, bag or wallet, even fitting easily into the palm of your hand. Connection between the Memo Box Mini and phone can be established through Bluetooth and along with the app allows for reminders for when to take medicines. The app is called Memo Health and is available for both iOS and Android devices and works in unison with the Memo Box to automatically log a user’s medication intake, saving tedious manual input. Once you preset locations, such as the workplace or home, the GPS functionality kicks in to alert you if you happen to be leaving without it.

The Memo Box features include:

• Alerting users if you left home without medication

• Provides reminders with a green indicator ‘to take’ and warning with a red

indicator against ‘double dosage’

• Records medication intake as either ‘taken’ or ‘missed’

• Information is stored within the app, sending alerts/updates to phones

• Enables users to monitor family’s medication activities

• One-month battery life (rechargeable)

• Easy to locate Memo Box Mini with ‘Ping’ function

Shan Lu, CEO of TinyLogics states, “Whether a doctor prescribes you antibiotics for a two-week period of mom needs help remembering about her blood pressure medicine, Memo Box Mini is essential for keeping everyone on track.” Lu continues on and states, “Our goal is to help people simplify their lives and stay healthy.” The portability of the Memo Box Mini and easy to navigate app provide just that for the consumer. A user can find both comfort and security through the product as adding it to part of one’s own travel pack or first aid kit. It is a great choice for a contingency plan as well as a safe way to keep one’s medication records at hand. The Memo Box Mini can be found at an early-bird price of $19.00 in the Kickstarter community.

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