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The NRG Go is for those 'on the go'

A Fortune 200 company, NRG is the leading integrated power company in the United States with best in class operations, reliable and efficient electric generation. The company has won various awards for industry leadership and many of its nationwide eco-NRG initiatives, which are targeted toward meeting the challenges of climate change, clean air and natural resources protection. Their work spreads across helping find the proper electricity plan to power your lifestyle, maintenance and monitoring of solar energy system, creating dependable electric vehicle charging, and rentable portable power.

Mobile devices are constantly used throughout one’s day for work, entertainment, and hobbies alike. Battery life drains through use and at times you may not have access to an outlet or have your charger at hand to power your device. NRG is providing an opportunity to rent the power to charge when and where you need it with the NRG Go Portable Power. They are introducing two sets of station where people can rent, recharge and return portable power packs. The first size is the NRG Go Station60 which holds up to 60 power packs with a large 27” touch-screen display, ability to wrap kiosk body and approximate height of 6 feet. The second size is the NRG Go Station30 which holds up to 30 power packs with a smaller 17” touch screen display, ability to wrap kiosk body, wall-mounted or portable option and coming in with an approximate height of 3 feet.

It is meant for mobile device charging on the move for whenever and wherever your life takes you. You are able to power your iPhone or Android devices as the integrated cables available for power packs are Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, Micro USB and Micro USB. The weight of each power pack comes out to be 4 ounces with a capacity of 4200mAh, it also has an input of 5V-2.1A and an output on iPhone of 5V-1.0A and on microUSB at 5V-2.1A.

How it Works

The steps for use of a power pack are simple and in the following order; rent a power pack, take it with you and then return it when you’re done. You find an NRG Go Station and rent a portable Go Pack when you see the the battery life on your iPhone or Android device is dwindling. You get up to two charges for your device along with the ability to recharge the pack through use. Lastly you locate the nearest Go Station or mail the pack to the NRG office. NRG’s goal is to power you at home, at work, and on-the-go in an attempt to leave the worry of a dead phone behind with their new mobile power solutions.

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