DART is most definitely the world's smallest laptop charger

I wish I could honestly say I discovered the DART, the world's smallest laptop charger, but I'd be lying. DART, the world's smallest laptop charger found me.

The true story is a DART representative stalked me out at a press event at CES 2017, and I'm glad he did. Battery use times for laptops vary like winter temperatures in the South, so having a backup plan in place is key when you need to break open the notebook computer. DART and DART-C might be lifesavers for the business traveler or those working out of an office environment. Four times smaller than standard 65W laptop adapter, DART not only charges your laptop on command, but it also features a built-in USB-A port for simultaneously charging other devices, like a phone or tablet. It is compatible with all major PC laptop manufacturers, and 100-240V compatibility means it can be used globally. The DART plugs directly into the socket, removing the need for a pesky and space-grabbing AC cable. The product comes with 9 tips (connectors) that ensure compatibility with all popular PC laptop brands. DART comes in an assortment of colors and a three year warranty. DART also comes with a six foot extension cable to make things easy as well as a usage guide. Most importantly, DART gives you a solid charge to your laptop and other devices. This is a safety net that fits in just about any bag or purse. At CES 2017, the DART-C was announced for Apple and other device owners. “With DART-C, we continue to lighten the load for travelers who want to power up with style and reliability,” said Vanessa Green, FINsix CEO. “The DART family’s newest member demonstrates our ongoing commitment to provide a new class of the smallest and lightest high-performance power electronics to meet the needs of the mobile consumer.”

DART and DART-C are products of FINsix Corporation, the worldwide leader in high-frequency power conversion technology. Note: DART is compatible with laptops from: Acer, Asus, Compaq/HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, IBM/Lenovo, MSI, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony/VAIO, Toshiba and more. Any laptop that has a voltage of 18-21V and a power level of 65 watts or less will function properly with DART. DART works internationally with an appropriate adapter plug.