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Drop the Limitless iPhone Case from 45 feet

One of the stars of CES 2017 was British startup, Mous was showcasing its ultra protective and attractive Limitless iPhone case range at the “Indiegogo Zone” at in Eureka Park. It's a great case and one where a video tells the whole story.

It did withstand a 45-foot crane drop, the Limitless iPhone case range touts revolutionary Airo Shock technology. Other features include: Universal design for iPhone 6 and 7 (and 6+/7+) Available in real premium materials - walnut, bamboo, Kevlar, leather, marble, as well as new offerings in copper, aluminum, and concrete. Slim design, adding only 2.6mm thickness to your iPhone Modular functionality with embedded steel plate - magnetically attach accessories like a wall mount, car mount, wallet, and battery pack directly to the back of your phone Following its initial success (over 1800% funded by more than 7,000 backers since launching November 16th), Mous has extended its campaign, so you should order yours now.

Your iPhone and the data on it is valuable. Why not protect it with the best.

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