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Pixie is a powerful new location tracker at a great price

Do you lose items or are you constantly worried that you will lose things valuable to you?

Pixie uses augmented reality navigation, signaling technology and location engine to give every day physical items a "digital identity."

Pixie Points, and unlike those trackers that rely on Bluetooth and beeps to guide people to lost items, it uses signaling technology based on GPS principles and an amazing augmented reality interface to actually SHOW people the location of misplaced objects. Pixie Points can see through walls, under pillows or in drawers to make finding lost items fun, fast and frustration free.

To Pixify items, Pixie Points affix to everything from keys, wallets and remotes to toys, passports and luggage, allowing them be quickly located with an iOS device.

To find Pixified items, users simply open the Pixie app and tap the misplaced item they need to find, e.g. car keys. The app immediately says whether the item is close by and guides users to its location in the following three simple steps: Map it

With a motion similar to taking a panoramic photo, a simple scan of the room maps the immediate environment and locates Pixified items’ positions relative to the user Show it - The Pixie app reveals and points users to the location of the item with the Pixie Pointer, an arrow icon that shows both the direction and distance from the object. Pixie also has a unique, new trick up its sleeve, Pixie Dust! Pixie displays an augmented reality overlay consisting of Pixie Dust that swarms to show where the item is in the room. The Pixie Dust and Pointer can even see through walls and objects to guide users to items that are hiding behind a cushion, in a drawer or in an adjoining room. Grab it Once users are within five feet of the lost item, the Pixie app acts like a metal detector to accurately zero in on the target. The Pixie app provides visual and audio guidance to tell users if they are getting closer or farther away from the exact location of the object. . Pixie locates and guides users to items down to inches and has an outdoor range of 150 feet and works within 30-50 feet indoors.

Get a 2-pack of Pixies for $49.99 here.

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