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RightEye moves into baseball

At CES this week, RightEye announced that they have been selected by the MLB and USA Baseball to conduct vision performance assessments of all the athletes entering the MLB Prospect Development Pipeline, a newly created channel for amateur baseball players to gain exposure to MLB clubs. As part of the deal, RightEye will work with the MLB Scouting Bureau and USA Baseball to assess the vision performance of all attendees to the invite-only scouting events, adding their results to records maintained by the MLB.

“RightEye has been working with leading innovators in Major League Baseball and other professional national teams for several years, using eye tracking to assess and improve athlete and team performance, and we are excited to bring our experience and technology solutions to this new MLB and USA Baseball initiative,” said Barbara Barclay, president of RightEye. “With RightEye vision tests, teams will have a way to obtain quantifiable, objective assessments of potential players’ visual strengths.” At Prospect Development Pipeline events, RightEye’s team will screen prospective players with RightEye Performance Vision™, a set of vision tests designed to help athletes by assessing vision strengths and identifying areas of vision that can be improved to enable them to reach maximum performance levels. RightEye Performance Vision™ is built on 40 years of Level One, peer-reviewed scientific research, and has already been used to screen thousands of high school, college and professional athletes. “We are pleased to be partnering with RightEye to bring their innovative eye-tracking vision assessments to athletes around the country,” said Rick Riccobono, chief development officer of USA Baseball. “The RightEye assessments will provide a truly objective process for athletes to gauge their vision strengths and weaknesses. These are sport performance areas that can be enhanced through training, and will give athletes important insights about reaching their maximum potential.” The first five Prospect Development Pipeline events are expected to begin across the country in January 2017, with dozens more events at various sites to occur during regular high school baseball season in late May and June. For more information about USA Baseball and the Prospect Development Pipeline, go to To learn more about RightEye, or see what they announced at CES, please go to

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