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Concussions once again a hot topic at CES

There is quite possibly no bigger issue facing sports on all levels than concussion identification and prevention. Concussions have also been an important topic of discussion each year at CES in Las Vegas. That appears to be the case again in 2017, but one company is ready to take things portable.

Reflexion Interactive Technologies will exhibit The Reflexion Edge, a portable concussion detection machine, at the CES in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 5 - 8 at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center. Reflexion will be part of the Case Western Reserve University Booth #51102 in the University Innovations, Tech West Section in the Sands Expo Center, Level 1, Hall G.

"We are looking forward to showcasing our new patent pending prototype of the Reflexion Edge, a robust concussion monitoring system, at CES in the Innovations Area and talking to attendees, the media and potential investors about our clinical study with Penn State University," said Matthew Campagna, co-founder of Reflexion Interactive Technologies. "Athletes are our primary focus and we plan to protect them by providing a fast, portable, and affordable solution to keep them safe. We recognize that millions of concussions are reported each year and that these are only a fraction of all concussions that athletes face in reality."

The Reflexion Edge measures an athlete's neurocognitive and psychomotor performance in quick 30-second trials, an objective measure and a decision is made almost instantly, protecting athletes who may have otherwise unsafely returned to play. The Reflexion Edge weighs less than 20 pounds, making it easy to transport for away games and is an affordable solution for high schools and athletic organizations with lower budgets.

Reflexion will be conducting a six-month clinical proof of concept study with the Pennsylvania State University Center for Sport Concussion Research. To validate The Reflexion Edge concussion monitoring system, the company is working with Dr. Semyon Slobounov, a world class concussion researcher, and directly with athletic teams to ensure the athletes' safety. In addition, Keith Ward, PhD, an experienced engineer with mechanical, electrical, and medical engineering background, has joined Reflexion's team. With his experience and guidance, the new prototype, that will be showcased at CES, collapses into a case smaller than a duffle bag, weighs less than twenty pounds, and uses video touchscreen technology that has been developed to conduct novel and advanced tests that were previously impossible. This will allow much better concussion detection in athletes. Reflexion Interactive Technologies was co-founded by college students Matthew Campagna, Matthew Roda and Patrick Walsh, who met and started the company at Lancaster Catholic High School in Lancaster, PA. The three student athletes heard a coach discuss the existing concussion monitoring systems that were available and the cost. This challenged the group to start to build a device that was less expensive, faster and portable. Through various interviews with neurologists, coaches, trainers, and researchers they realized there was an opportunity and developed a hardware and software system to measures an athlete's neurocognitive and psychomotor performance. To learn more about the Reflexion Edge and Reflexion Interactive Technologies visit


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