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DISH announces the most watched TV events of 2016

2016 is just days away from coming to a close, but what a year it was, for many reasons.

It was a year of historic moments that brought family and friends together around the living room TV. The most-watched days of 2016 on DISH featured a football game, presidential candidates trading punches on a national stage and the passing of a pop culture icon.

So, here are DISH's most-watched TV events of 2016:

#1: Purple Pain The passing of music legend Prince on April 22 marked the most-watched day of the year. Nearly three times the daily average of DISH households tuned in as images of all-night dance parties and tributes overtook the news cycle and America mourned the loss of a great icon. #2: The Great Debate Unsurprisingly, the presidential election dominated the list of DISH’s most-watched days, snagging three of the five top slots. Days that featured the first (September 26) and final (October 19) presidential debates were #2 and #4 on the list, and the vice presidential face-off on October 4 came in at #5. #3: Broncos Put a Ring on It Coming in at #3 was Peyton Manning winning his final game in the Super Bowl. A perennial ratings powerhouse, the Super Bowl brings friends and family together to watch the ads as much as the game. New Year, Old Favorite And as we prepare to ring in the new year, you might be surprised by how DISH customers welcomed 2016 – The Twilight Zone. Viewership of this classic series soared on January 1, eclipsing the popular pastime of kicking back with college football bowls.

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