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NURO Secure Messaging keeps holiday shoppers safe

The retail industry is under intense pressure to lock down all communication channels after high profile breaches occurring JP Morgan, Walmart, and Target. Retailers are facing the threat of mobile messaging breaches during the holiday shopping season with their seasonal staff. The National Retail Federation forecasts that retailers hire between 640,000-690,000 seasonal workers during a period where sales are expected to rise 3.6% to $655.8 billion. Beecomm, a leading developer of Point of Sale (POS) systems for the food and hospitality industries has selected NURO Secure Messaging to handle the security challenge.

NURO Secure Messaging is a cognitive enterprise-grade secure messaging and collaboration platform that enables organizations to create prive mobile messaging networks for employees and external trusted partners to communicate in a safe, private, secure, controlled, and compliant environment. NURO’s story began in 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel with the business being formed by a trio J.R. Smith, Eran Pfeffer, and Omri Sigelman who are veterans in the mobile and online security industries. Their idea was to build an easy-to-use team messaging tool that would unlock collaboration but also wanted to lock-down privacy and confidentiality in doing so. NURO ensures that business conversations and documents stay in the workplace via multiple layers of cutting edge security, including cognitive machine learning-based analytics, designed to detect compliance breaches before they occur.

NURO addresses the group-messaging and collaboration privacy and security challenges retailers face head on. “Seasonal temp workers represent a huge security liability to even the best designed systems,” said Eran Pfeffer, CEO of NURO. The challenges to consider in particular are the lack of control over security, privacy, data ownerships, data leak protection, transparency, systems integration, and compliance across all mobile devices both inside and outside the organization. Pfeffer adds, “As the recent Gooligan campaign against Android illustrates, staff can easily bring malware into the workplace on their mobile devices which can then tunnel into the corporate network via popular messaging apps.”

Companies use NURO because it is private, safe, and manageable and also puts them in full control of their information and data. NURO is hosted in the company’s data centers behind their firewall and easily integrates into their existing platforms and applications for continuity of business, while also allowing them to communicate and manage with internal and external partners, clients, and customers in a bespoke and branded manner. Yaron Sulganik, CEO of Beecomm states, “NURO also addresses retailers’ security challenges concerning instant messaging platforms by giving them full control over the information exchanged. This means the privacy of sensitive or confidential customer data is assured. They can even offer it to auditors at a later stage for compliance checks if they need to.” NURO also integrates into their business platforms, POS, CRM, alarm and reporting systems, and in doing so, allows them to get important information in real time in a private and secure manner.

The NURO Secure Messaging is team messaging that’s simple to use but with state of the art security backed-in. It helps its customer operate efficiently with on-premises and cloud-based solutions that provide optimal security, integrity, and compliance. They work towards not having data leaks occur through consumer apps in the office and not having easy routes for hackers to use for entry. NURO works to help retailers meet secure communications challenge, so retailers’ senior management and stakeholders are not vulnerable during significant security attacks being brought upon during the holiday shopping season.

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