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MeFOTO adds 'Air' selfie stick and tripod to lineup

MeFOTO, in my opinion the leader when it comes to mobile and quality selfie sticks, mono and tripods has added one of my favorite new products to its already stacked lineup.

MeFOTO is debuting their new "Air." This is a tripod and a selfie stick on steroids! The basics are three new photo tripods and 1 monopod in 7 colorful finishes, but the kicker is how mobile and transportable the Air is for the active set. The MeFOTO Air is compact, lightweight and easy to set up- ideal for any photo taker. It's also perfect for selfie-takers, showcasing a steady smartphone holder and Bluetooth remote so you can capture your unique and colorful personality. Plus, each MeFOTO Air tripod comes with its own protective carrying case.

The ability for this to turn into a full blown tripod is a game changer and it sets this pod apart from the competition. The $125 price tag for the BackPacker model is a bargain and it comes in seven different colors.

Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg) Maximum Load: 8.8 lb (4 kg) Folded Length: 10.4 in (26.5 cm) Max Height w/Col Expand: 59.5 in (151 cm)

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