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NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter multi-tasks in charging your devices

Dynamic duos is a phrase used for astounding combinations for example Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, Batman and Robin, or even peanut butter and jelly. The laptop and cellphone combination falls on that list as well, whether being used for leisure or work related purposes. The laptop for writing essays or responding to emails, the phone for calls and text messages, and both could also be interchanged for music playing and video watching purposes. If you find yourself using both devices hours at a time the battery life depletes over time through said use.

NewerTech has been at the forefront of serving the Apple community with accessories, upgrades, and enhancements for Macs, iPods, and iPads. The company just released the NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter, which can simultaneously charge your MacBook and iPhone. The USB-C port offers up to 60W of power and the additional USB-A port offers up to 12W of power for devices. The power adapter is a seamless replacement for your laptop’s factory power adapter for when you are charging your USB devices. It is the perfect solution to power laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other devices using USB-C technology.

The adapter is the ideal replacement for Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and other USB-C laptop power adapters. The NuPower adapter is up to twice as powerful as comparable power adapters providing the high-power charging for Mac and Windows laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The size and weight of the power adapter also make it ideal for storing and taking on the go. It has a width of 52mm, length of 106mm, and a height of 21mm and a weight of 4.8 oz. The 1.8 meter AC cord also makes it ideal for charging placement or if you need to stretch out some room between the device and outlet.

The NewerTech NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter is the ideal choice for multi-charging your devices. You no longer need to have other adapters at hand or worry about looking for that open outlet upon coffee shop arrival. The items included for the product is the power adapter, a 1.8m two-prong power cable, and a 0.5m USB Type-C to Type-C cable. The NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter is currently available on the NewerTech website for $59.99.

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