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Grading the holiday laser spotlights

If they were remaking Christmas Vacation today, chances are Clark Griswold would have more lights, a music sync and numerous spotlight projections on full display in his neighborhood. It's true, yard spotlights have caught on big-time for the holidays, to promote a party of happening at your house or to show your support of your favorite sports team. In 2015, the bestselling holiday product was the Star Shower Laser Light. The lights were so popular, they sold out in stores across the US, leaving shelves bare and leaving some lowlifes to steal them off people's lawns. Reports of stolen Star Showers were heard coast to coast, but the company is here to help if you were a victim. The Star Shower Laser Light ($39.99) offered a convenient solution to the hassle of dealing with messy stringed lights, projecting thousands of lights with just one click of a button. Now other competitors have popped up, but what do you get for your money in the newly competitive world of yard spotlights?

Star Shower Motion

A 2.0 version of the original as now you get motion your laser light. Now priced at $39.99, you get thousands of laser light stars dancing and moving right before your eyes by clicking the Motion Activator Button. Use the extra-long stake to place in your yard, then click to make the green and red Christmas lights explode into motion. Or bring the projection lights indoors to light up a party with the included indoor base. Illuminate your home or backyard with Star Shower Motion. Order the 3-Pack or 6-Pack for the ultimate Griswold holiday experience. This is the one you see advertised on TV and it's very sturdy and well constructed.

As Seen on TV • Use the Star Shower decorative lights for Christmas, birthday parties, BBQs, or everyday decoration.• Two laser light modes: moving stars or still.• Two motion light color options: red/green lasers or green only.• Light sensor: turns on at dusk, turns off in daylight. Great for the outdoors• Includes extra-long stake and indoor base.• UL-listed.• Covers 3200 square feet.

Star Laser Red/Green Light $28.00 on Ebay and other online websites

A little less expensive and very easy to set up. Instructions come with the unit, but you probably won't even need them. You don't get as bright a laser as you do with the Star Shower, but you get enough to put on a good show. Seven different modes are present and a built in timer will shut off your laser at your preset time.

Features: Colorful RED AND GREEN 3D holographic Laser light Quick Set up mounting stake system and power adapter included Water proof 7 Color Modes-Red& Green Motion,Static Red & Green, Green Motion, Static Green, Red Motion, Static Red, All Combinations Beautiful landscape lighting for year round decorating The most spectacular way to decorate your home instantly! Just plug them in, point and thousands of big, bold breathtaking stars appear right before your eyes! The secret is advanced laser light technology that create a dramatic 3-D effect. You will feel like you are in the middle of a cosmic star field. With 7 different design patterns to choose from- brilliant red dancers, super bright green dancers, or BOTH red and green! Click again for a carousel of magical dancing patterns to light up your home. Just one Star Laser can cover up to 3,000 square feet. Star Night Lasers are really built for Christmas Star Night laser has a built in timer. Star Night Laser is water resistant and the simple one button operation allows you to ease through the programs modes with ease.

Starry Night Laser Christmas Red/Green Light with 8 Modes $25 on various websites

You see the Starry Night lasers on various websites and in some retail stores. Again you will pay less that the ones you see on TV, but you get eight modes and a lot of different setting options. This is a very basic laser light and one anyone can use.


- 8 Laser Modes ( A lot of options, please see below) Beams Cover Over or to 3000 Sq.ft.(Depends upon the actual visibility, dimension of the house etc) Cover your house in twinkling projected stars rather than dealing with hanging lights Creates hundreds of points of light No ladders, No Hanging, No Dead bulbs, No Mess Just plug in and point at your house Can also be used indoors as a nightlight Switches off automatically in sunlight and automatically turns on at night to save energy

Glow Bright Laser Light Show with 9 Different Modes and Remote $29.99 on various websites Here is the Glow Bright Laser Light show! Transform the look of your home easily... in seconds year-round! 9 mode options. 2 easy steps... plug it in & point! Say goodbye to tangled cords! Covers only about 600 sq. ft. Cand be used for indoor or outdoor get-togethers! Multiple design options! Easily adjust the design settings. 6 spinning light modes, 3 still light modes. Green & red, green, red. The Glow Bright separates itself from the rest as it comes with a handy remote you can use within a few feet of the spotlight.

Team Pride Light $59.99 at Amazon and Retailers

Not exactly a holiday laser light, but still looks cool as a stand alone or in tandem with your holiday lights.

Lite-Imation, the creator of Team Pride Light, announces its release of National Football League (NFL), popular National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), select National Hockey League (NHL) and National Basketball League (NBA) team projectors for ultimate sports fans.

Team Pride Light projectors span up to 600 square feet of space, making this perfect for showcasing your team colors on a house's facade (outside) or wall (inside) for the next tailgating party. Team Pride Light is equipped with two (2) light modes: still and rotating, a tripod and garden steak (for indoor/outdoor use). It is weather resistant and has an automatic shut off capability after eight (8) hours of use. The Team Pride Light looks great and calls attention to you being a 'Super Fan."

Note: Consumers who had their Star Showers stolen in 2015, should call 1-800-887-2717 (Press 4) to have a complimentary Star Shower Motion (retail value $49.99) shipped to them. One product per person limit (for as long as supplies last) and a $5.00 shipping and handling cost applies.

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