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Kid's Week: Sydney Paige Backpacks and Books

Each day this week, we'll feature a special "kid's tech" pick for the holidays.

Buy a gift and help a student by shopping on the Sydney Paige website. For every Sydney Paige product sold, another is donated to a student in need, right here in the U.S. Quality backpacks and other gear give confidence while their children's books bring age-appropriate reading into the home. The backpacks and laptop rucksacks are made of 210D polyester, canvas and leather are come in styles to fit the needs and wants of pre-schoolers to adults.

More than 1 in 5 children (22%) live in families with incomes below the poverty line. They lack food and the basic needs to be successful in school. With back-to-school season in full swing, Sydney Paige is making sure those less fortunate are not left out. For every pack sold, the EXACT same one is donated to a child in need. That can't be repeated enough. Through their Buy One/Give One program, Sydney Paige donates a matching bag filled with school supplies to a child in need every time a purchase is made. Sending kids to school can be expensive when living near or below the poverty line. Fortunately, organizations such as Sydney Paige help alleviate this issue for struggling families. By offering impoverished children educational tools, Sydney Paige’s backpacks can help raise their self-esteem, adopt a better attitude towards learning, and give them confidence. From toddlers to adults, Sydney Paige offers backpacks for everyone and anyone who wants to make a positive impact in a child’s life. Their backpacks include: Little Learners, Young Explorers, World Changers, Difference Makers. Their mission to break the cycle of poverty involves: Donating the same high quality backpack as purchased. Filling each donated backpack with a full set of age-appropriate school supplies, food, clothing, or hygiene kits. Letting customers choose which non-profit company receives their matching bag and supplies. Sydney Paige backpacks are made from eco-friendly materials of 100% cotton canvas, natural leather, nickel free hardware and recycled polyester where possible.

Sydney Paige books make another excellent Chirstmas gift. The children's books follow the positive messages of our statement tags and take young children along the many adventures of Sydney Paige while delighting them with their unique and captivating illustrations. For more information, please visit

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