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Kid's Week: Energizer Batteries are a 'must have'

Each day this week, we'll feature a special "kid's tech" pick for the holidays. Ninety percent of Americans admit they have forgotten to buy batteries for holiday gifts, according to new Energizer® survey.

Even in the "Digital Age' there are some gadgets that run on traditional batteries. The phrase "batteries not included" can put a major damper on holiday gift-giving, forcing eager kids and techies alike to wait before testing out their newest toys and gadgets. In fact, it's likely this has happened to you, as ninety percent of Americans said they have forgotten the batteries for holiday gifts in the past. That information comes from a new consumer poll* conducted by Energizer® with more than one thousand respondents, just in time for the approaching holiday season. While consumers reported concerns like forgetting to RSVP for parties, accidentally leaving someone off the holiday card list and burning the holiday meal, remembering batteries for holiday gifts poses the most common challenge to ensuring holiday bliss. "It seems like everyone has dealt with a holiday-related battery mishap," said Michelle Atkinson, Chief Consumer Officer at Energizer. "We want to make sure all gift-givers remember this year that Energizer can be your ticket to ensuring holiday cheer." Energizer recommends turning to Energizer MAX® as the go-to battery for the gadgets on your friends' and family members' wish lists. Providing the combination of long-lasting power and leak protection, Energizer MAX® AA batteries have recently been improved to last up to 30 percent longer than previous iterations in digital cameras, while also protecting devices from damaging leaks for up to two years after the battery is fully used and holding power for up to 10 years in storage. "Forgetting batteries for high-powered gadgets should no longer fall under the long list of holiday stresses," said Atkinson. Energizer lighting products also make ideal stocking stuffers for adventurers, DIY-ers and outdoor enthusiasts. Suited for a wide spectrum of activities such as bike riding, fixing a leaky sink or having that backyard campout with the family, Energizer headlights help the active people in your life stay safe and hands-free through all excursions. The Energizer Vision HD LED Headlight is just one example of the latest Energizer® line of high performance headlights. Featuring a 180 lumen powerful beam with 3 light modes, the Energizer Vision HD headlight is water resistant and drop-tested according to ANSI/NEMA FL1 standards, and its innovative smart-dimming feature provides users with maximum run time. To ensure that your techies stay happy and your adventurers stay wild, remember Energizer this holiday season not only for gift ideas, but also as the source of power for those very gifts and many more.

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