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Kid's Week: Big Red Rooster Projection Alarm Clock

Each day this week, we'll feature a special "kid's tech" pick for the holidays.

An alarm clock that serves as a fun wake up tool. (You'll see why)

For 2016, Big Red Rooster launched its amazing Rocket Ship Projection Alarm Clock to the delight of parents and kids. The spacecraft images projected on the ceiling was enough to get kids tucked in quickly and lights turned off. Hours later they were eager to jump out of bed when the alarm was sounded. Now there are three more reasons to put on the pajamas – Dog, Cat and Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clocks ($29.99). Looking for a purr-fect bedside companion? The Cat Projection Alarm Clock stands 8 inches tall and just 4 inches wide. Pick the best spot for a ceiling show. Each colorful image is displayed up to 30 inches in diameter and this feline clock showcases a sleeping kitten, kitten catching a ladybug, a cat resting and curious cat. Cat can turn its head 340 degrees so the perfect spot can be aimed and viewed. Kids love this.

Parents can decide to project just the time or just the image or a combination of image blended with the digital time. The clocks make a great nightlight as well as a wake-up tool. “This clock is adorable,” wrote in another consumer. “I feel a little silly saying that I have no children but when my alarm clock died, I ordered this clock for myself. I am a dog lover. The clock can run on batteries or be plugged into an outlet, which is great if you lose power like we do sometimes in the winter here in New England. It was easy to set up. The alarm was a pleasant surprise.” Brian Johnson, founder of Big Red Rooster explains, “our mission is to create innovative products that help people fall asleep or get out of bed in the morning. The three animal clocks are ready to become bedside buddies as kids choose the best companion – dog, cat or dino – to be their first alarm clock.” Dog Projection Alarm Clock • All Ages • $29.99 This brown and white doggie projects the time and 1 of 4 canine images on the ceiling. The dog’s head rotates 340 degrees.

Cat Projection Alarm Clock • All Ages • $29.99 With green eyes and white paws, this pretty kitty makes a great addition to the bedroom. Cat alarm clock projects the time and 4 different feline imagines. Dinosaur Projection Alarm Clock • All Ages • $29.99 This makes a dino-mite clock for kids who are fans of the stegosaurus and his mighty friends. Kids will enjoy the 4 prehistoric images as well as the digital time projected above their heads.

Imagine this, alarm clocks your kids will love.

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